Academic context: Large higher school institution in a big city of Spain

This engineering higher school located in a big city of Spain counts with more than 40000 students. The pilot was developed in the Department of System Engineering and Informatics Systems at Informatics degree with a group of 20 third year students. All these students (with ages between 18-25 years old) engaged with the TRAILER tool and 18 were considered active users, showing 82% of the actions performed in the 2 platforms. Their participation was above average in the number of competences added per informal learning activity (ILA). However they did not publish many activities even though in terms of publishing user competences, they published all.

They presented a good prior recognition (even though some doubts about what could really be considered IL activities had aroused) of informal learning (IL), which did not change significantly with the work developed in this pilot. They scored the most important activity that potentially develops their IL, as being “Searching in the Internet”. In general, comparing with other cases, they show the higher level of agreement relatively to the need for IL activities in “understanding something” and “developing deeper knowledge”.

They regarded IL almost as important as formal, and in some cases even more important and they shared the thought that the University did not value IL nearly as much as it should. They liked the idea of such a platform and think it could be useful for having better employment options, helping them realize the quantity of ILAs they actually carried out.

In terms of the tool usability they pointed some issues that in their opinion should be improved, such as having a limited choices in activity type, the distinction between the Comments and Contents field not being clear, no need for defining a competence several times (for each activity). They did not understand the need of having 2 different tools (which had created some authentication issues).

The Professor involved in the second pilot (institutions’ perspective) also thought that in University IL was often considered with small consequence and this tool could improve the awareness of its importance and help promote IL in the eyes of the professors.

In general, they were favorable to the idea but not in using it regularly in its current state.

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