Professional context: Small company in a big city of Spain

This small technology-based company located in a big city of Spain specialized in engineering-IT Specialists has its core business in areas like e-commerce, communication and the organization of corporate events and activities. All the 10 employees were part of the piloting trial phase of TRAILER. Typically the employees had a high school education or a degree and their age was between 26 and 40 years old.

Typically they had a fair prior perception of informal learning (IL), improved after the pilots, and higher importance was given to “Reading”, “Online tutorials” and “Searching in the Internet”. In general, comparing with other cases, they show the higher level of agreement relatively to the need for IL activities in “learn to perform particular tasks”, although the goal of “amusing myself” also had one of the highest scores found, particularly after the pilots.

During the first piloting – the learner perspective phase, employees showed a fair percentage of active users (80%), with 61% of actions completed in both platforms (an average of 5 informal learning activities (ILA’s) per user. An average number of competences were added per ILA of 2.4, but a low number of activities per day was reported (1). However, the great majority of the collected activities were not made public; only 50% of users’ competences and 25% of ILA’s associated competences were published.

This fact reduced the work that could have been accomplished in the second pilot – the employer perspective, since the company CEO could only act upon the published competences. As his employees, the CEO thinks this tool has great advantages in allowing the collection and organization of individual and company’s IL. This could clearly lead to benefits while managing competences in an institution. In fact, the company CEO stated that he always tried to put value in their employees’ IL and this tool allowed him to get a better idea of their employees’ competences and interests. He thought the tool was intuitive to navigate and was generally well organized.

In overall, they thought TRAILER tool’s usability was good, but could benefit from some improvements, such as management of long lists (to avoid excessive scroll), integration of the two platforms, simplifying the definitions required and enlarge the possibilities of activity type’s. After some of these improvements, they were willing to use this tool in the future in their daily business.

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