A tool to aid institutions recognize their employees competences acquired by informal learning

Francisco J. García Peñalvo, Valentina Zangrando, Alicia García Holgado, Miguel A. Conde González, Antón M. Seoane Pardo, Marc Alier, Nikolas Galanis, Jordi López, José Janssen, Francis Brouns, Anton Finders, Adriana Flores, Peter Sloep, Dai Griffiths, Mark Johnson, Elwira Waszkiewicz, Aleksandra Mykowska, Miroslav Minovic, Milos Milovanovic, Maria A. Marques, Maria C. Viegas, Gustavo R. Alves

People do not learn only in formal educational institutions, but also throughout their lives, from their experiences, conversations, observations of others, exploration of the Internet, meetings and conferences, and chance encounters etc. However this informal and nonformal learning can easily remain largely invisible, making it hard for peers and employers to recognize or act upon it. The TRAILER project aims to make this learning visible so that it can benefit both the individual and the organization. The proposed demonstration will show a software solution that (i) helps the learners to capture, organize and classify a wide range of ‘informal’ learning taking place in their lives, and (ii) assists the organization in recognizing this learning and use it to help managing human resources (benefiting both parts). This software tool has recently been used in two phases of pilot studies, which have run in four different European countries.

Paper presented at EC-TEL 2013 Eighth European Conference On Technology Enhanced Learning Scaling Up Learning For Sustained Impact
Paphos (Cyprus), 17 – 21 September 2013

See the video about the TRAILER from institutional perspective: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nr6UL2-b3PE


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