Benefits of recognizing and validating informal learning for individuals

Recognizing and validating the informal learning process outcomes is significantly beneficial for individuals. The example of tangible advantages are as following:

  1. Improvement confidence and self‑esteem of learners; The process of reflection that recognition of prior informal learning involves, and promoting the value of learning by self and others, often leads to increased self‑confidence as a learner.
  2. Increase the motivation to continue learning. Planning for further learning: the process of validation helps learners to think about what they have achieved so far and identify their strengths and skills. This helps to identify longer-term goals and what they need to do to achieve them.
  3. Gain access to formal education. Gaining credit for learning from experience for purposes of further formal learning: this may lead to entry to a program of study at a college or university or allow joining at a more advanced level, thus shortening the study period.
  4. Gain access to employment. Recognizing the competences based on informal learning can help people to get new job, get more professional duties, get promotion.


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